Hardin & Russell




As a singer-songwriter, composer, and musician, Patricia Hardin is a true crossover artist, as comfortable today with penning a country ballad as she is with composing a symphony for full orchestra. She is accomplished in both pop and classical music genres, and many of her works have been performed and well received in both the U.S. and Europe. As a composer of classical music she is known as Patricia M. Long, her married name, and her accomplishments in that field can be seen and heard by visiting www.pmlmusic.com.

Patricia has studied, performed, and recorded music of many types, both formally and informally, almost all of her life. While working with Tom Russell from 1974 through 1979 as Hardin & Russell, she often exhibited her early training as a classical pianist in the eclectic music they wrote and performed. She abandoned her stage career entirely in 1980 but continued to write. Many of her best songs were written after the breakup of Hardin & Russell, including one that was recorded in 1981 in Nashville by Ronny Dunn, who, later in the 1980s, rose to stardom as Brooks & Dunn. Other pop and country songs from her pen have never been heard publicly, but several of them are recorded and are included as MP3s on this Web site.

Returning to her classical roots in the 1980s, Patricia has since produced many compositions, including art songs and short choral works, a Mass in ten movements for double chorus and orchestra, and fully orchestrated symphonic works, as documented at her composer’s Web site mentioned above. She is also the author of a small volume of poems and short stories and will soon publish a second one.

Because of the phenomenal scope of Patricia’s ongoing musical and literary talent and output, we have created this Web site to address the question asked by so many over the years: “What ever happened to Patricia Hardin after the breakup of Hardin & Russell?” The answer is that she’s still going strong and is currently known in classical music circles as Patricia M. Long. We invite you to explore her compelling work in all its forms.

—Ai Ling Xi